National Flag Picture National Flag Picture

South Korea



Blue Frog 127-22 Itaewon Seoul 02-797-7123 Steel
Shooter's Bar & Grill 346-34 Seokyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu 82-2-324-9155 Soft
The Western Flair Bar SKA 246-2, Guanchoel-dong 82-2-733-5141 Soft

Songtan, Pyongtaek City:

Apple Club Fashion Alley 031-611-7490 Steel
AWOL Paradise Alley   Steel
Boogie House Aragon Alley 031-665-3661 Steel
C'n'S Opposite Main Gate 031-667-8670 Steel
Camelot Aragon Alley 031-662-3361 Steel
Coyote Aragon Alley 031-667-4735 Steel
Dragon Main Street 031-664-0592 Steel
First Class Main Street 031-666-7339 Steel
Friends Main Street 031-666-8449 Steel
Giant Paradise Alley 031-663-0020 Steel
Gold Star Aragon Alley 031-663-3645 Steel
Happy House Aragon Alley 031-662-7742 Steel
Hurricane Main Street 031-667-7810 Steel
JJs Cantina Aragon Alley 031-667-4538 Steel
Moon Power Main Street 031-663-2084 Steel
Phoenix Market Alley 031-666-8702 Steel
Roxy Main Street 031-662-2668 Steel
Scorpion Club Paradise Alley 031-668-5559 Steel
Songtan Nights Main Street 031-663-4005 Steel
Station Club Aragon Alley 031-666-2911 Steel
Tiger Club Main Street 031-666-3993 Steel
VFW Market Alley 031-662-7560 Steel
Xanadu Main Street 031-663-6417 Steel

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